Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A moment for the Moon

Not sure from when, probably after Arthur turned three, he likes to look for the moon in the sky when it is getting dark. He is not very happy when the moon hides behind the clouds, and he gets really excited whenever he finds the moon.

For July 4th, we went to a soccer game which started at 8:30 pm. After the game, there would be fireworks right there at the stadium. As we got into the stadium and found our seats, it was getting a little bit dark. We were a little bit late and the game already started. Everybody was watching the game as my husband and I hastened putting the kids to their seats. Arthur's mind was not at the game at all because he was busy looking around. All of sudden, Arthur pointed to the sky and cheered very loud, "The Moon!" All of the people around us, probably more than 100 eyes followed Arthur's finger and looked that way. They must be perplexed for a little bit. Yes, the Moon was there. But there wasn't anything wrong over there. Then everybody turned their heads back and started watching the soccer game again.

Only Arthur stared at the Moon a little bit more until he got satisfied that the Moon was there and he started watching the game too.

Birds and Grapes

1. The grapes in our backyard grow very well each year. This time, we got some grapes again. When I gave Minglun grapes to eat, I told him to take off the skin and seeds before eating the grapes. He was having fun doing that and he even helped to get some grapes ready for Arthur to eat.

Later, we were in the backyard playing. Some birds flew there to eat grapes. Minglun asked me a question, "Mama, do the birds know that our grapes have seeds?"

2. Since many birds come to eat grapes and tomatoes we have, my husband has been looking for ways to protect the plants from the birds. We have a scarecrow which does not work at all. We also have an owl and I put it away last year because it looks a little bit scary.

One evening, I went to the backyard to pick up some tomatoes. My husband didn't tell me that he moved the owl out earlier that day. So I was bending down getting tomatoes. As I stood up and turned around the other way, I saw this big owl with huge eyes looking at me. I screamed and was scared to half death. My husband dashed out from the house and ask me, "What happened? What happened?" It took me a while to be able to talk, "It was the owl. I didn't know it was there. I was so scared."

But later, I thought about the owl. If I was even so scared by the owl, how come the birds were not scared. Are they too smart or too dumb?

3. The next morning, we were sitting at the table eating breakfast, Minglun looked through the window and reported, "Mama, some birds came to eat grapes again. They didn't see the owl over there." I started laughing, "I bet they saw the owl. They just don't care."