Saturday, March 5, 2011

What food does Arthur like

We were passing a cafeteria and Arthur sniffed and said, "I smelled some yummy food."  I asked him, "What do you smell?"  Arthur said happily, "French Fries."  As I was rushing Minglun and Arthur to get out of the gym and go to the car, I just said to Arthur, "Oh, those are junk food."

While on the way driving home, I started talking about lunch with the kids.  I asked them, "How about we eat meat loaf today?"  Both of them love meat loaf.  Minglun answered, "Yeah!"  But Arthur got into some unhappy mood and said, "I don't like meat loaf."  We still have friend chicken, so I asked him, "How about I give you chicken."  Arthur said, "I don't like chicken either."  Then I remembered that we also have meat balls.  So I said, "How about meat balls?"  Again Arthur said, "No, I don't like meat balls."

So I asked him, "Arthur, then what food do you like?"  Arthur said, "Junk Food!"