Friday, January 28, 2011

Arthur shares a lot

We went to the zoo during Labor day weekend. Arthur got a sheet of animal stickers from the souvenir store. The next day, Minglun wanted to help Arthur with the stickers. In the past, the stickers they got normally ended up on their chairs or desks.  So I asked Minglun to "supervise" Arthur to put those stickers to the good spots.

After a while, Minglun wanted to get a few stickers, but Arthur refused him.  "They are all MINE."  He said.  Minglun was not too happy.  So I went to talk with Arthur, telling him that he needs to share, just as Minglun is helping him to make his room look nice with all those animal stickers.  Arthur kept quiet and didn't say anything.  Minglun was sad and almost cried.  So I took him away with me to the living room and let him play something else there.

The house was quiet.  Then Arthur came to the living room with a big smile on his face, "Mama and Minglun, come look.  I made Minglun's room look pretty."  We went there, and saw Minglun's room's door, closet doors are full of stickers.  Arthur put All, yes, All of his stickers to Minglun's room.  I was so touched and I held both of them in my arms and said, "You know what, you two made Mama so happy."

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